• There are many sites where a high quality public toilet unit is required inside a brand new or existing building structure. Examples of these include: historic buildings that need to be preserved but upgraded, individual building designs with integrated toilets, supermarkets and retail premises, public buildings and offices, car parks, fast food premises and other restricted locations.

    A sustainable and flexible design was required to provide a solution and meet this demand,so at WC Innovations we have developed a panellised public toilet series that has all electrical and plumbing equipment fitted and ready for use. The whole facility arrives in a container, is wheeled into the premises on trolleys and assembled in a day. Once the service connections are made and the floor has been sealed and tiled, the unit is ready for use.

    While maintaining a very high quality of finish, the Eurokit series provides a wide range of facilities in fully accessible and ambulant versions from lower cost standard units through to the higher specification automated units. The design provides excellent flexibility for integration into buildings and the facade can be easily adapted to enhance the existing or new surroundings.

    The latest technological advances at Exeloo provide the capability for a web based remote monitoring system to be integrated into the automated versions. This will enable instant access to extensive data including number of occupations, water usage, power consumption, programmable time settings and provide solutions to troubleshooting.

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