Public Toilets::

Exeloo Automated Public Toilets can deliver a safer and cleaner environment for public toilet users. As “smart” toilets, they are equipped with user friendly electronically controlled doors, self cleaning systems and monitoring services that assist in managing hygiene, demand and security which include:

  • Automated door locking and unlocking – Improving security and reducing operational costs
  • Comfort and safety for all users provided by direct door access to open space allowing for easy public monitoring
  • Toilet flushing operated either by the auto hand wash station or when the unit is vacated
  • Timed occupation, minimising the potential for anti-social behaviour, including vandalism
  • An almost “touch-less” environment to aid user hygiene
  • Automated seat/floor wash with drying at pre-arranged times according to demand and use
  • A range of important management statistical information covering use and operation

Exeloo Toilets - Designed to satisfy community demands at the optimum life cycle cost - Exeloo delivers on both.

The Exeloo Jupiter series of toilets is a great example of “what’s possible” in thoughtful use of technology and toilet design. 

  1. Money - The true life-cycle cost of your project stays with you for a very long time
  2. Materials - The durability of materials can make an enormous difference to maintenance and vandal costs
  3. Versatility - High design flexibility will ensure your public toilet project is successfully fulfilled
  4. Sustainability - Exeloo toilets can be further equipped to minimise energy and water usage
  5. Personal Safety - Configuration, design and sighting minimizes the risk of anti social behaviour and violence
  6. Hygiene - Design technology, materials and components, together with our specialist maintenance & cleaning teams produce a cleaner, more reliable experience
  7. Accessibility - Exeloo toilets, purpose built to achieve optimum access and use for all individuals