Life Cycle
Cost Analysis::

Over 17 years in business we have collected a variety of reliable data about costs of building, installing and operating public toilets. The data clearly indicates that single and double cubicle automated public toilets offer a substantial life cycle benefit over conventional public toilets.

Whilst the capital costs are very similar, the Exeloo offers a substantial saving by way of its significantly lower operating costs.

These lower operating costs arise from two sources; firstly, the cleaning function is automated thereby reducing  human attendance generally speaking to  only once every second day and secondly, EXELoo toilets have been shown to be substantially more vandal resistant than conventional public toilets.  Additionally they are easily refurbished and should the unit be not required at the initial site of installation can be relocated to another site.

The team at WC Innovations can analyse your specific site conditions and provide you with a life cycle costs analysis specific to your project should you require it.